Homeowner Services

           "If there were only 2 of me!"

Let's face it...Our "To Do" list is always longer than we have time for. Seas The Day Concierge is a practical and convenient way to to free up time and focus on the things that are important in life.

  • Groceries - Shop ,Deliver ,Drop or Stock

  • Personal Shopping

  • Gift Shopping and Shipping

  • Courier Service

  • Post Office

  • Banking

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Motor Vehicle Services

  • Home Sitting

  • Delivery Acceptance

  • Supervising Repairmen 

  • Waiting for Deliveries/ Utility Servicemen 

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Home Organization 


  • Kitchen/Pantry Organization

  • Seasonal Assistance

  • Home Decor

  • Plant Care

Non-medical senior care, errands, biweekly check up, companion service, family communication, organization, grocery shopping and shelf stocking

Non-Medical Care

Caring is all we know at Seas The Day.  With years of experience in service industries, we understand how it feels to be limited in physical ability. Seniors,

Post-Op joint replacements, Emergency preparations, Natural disaster check up on loved ones and property, Seas The Day is there for you like a family member.

  • Check In On Loved Ones

  • Companion Service

  • Communication With Family Members

  • Organization Services


Professional and Corporate Services

            "Time Is Money And Money Is Time"

Engineers, Doctors, Admins, Small Business Leaders or Large Corporate Executives.

Our professional /corporate concierge and errand services improve productivity and morale by completing time-consuming tasks for your employees.


75% of employees handle personal responsibilities while on the job.

92% of employees admit to taking PTO just to keep on top of their errands and personal responsibilities.

We'll take care of your employees' needs so they can focus on core competencies. 

* Inquiries please Contact Elizabeth Wilson - liz@seasthedayconcierge.net

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  • Office Setup & Decor

  • Organizing & Storage Solutions

  • Courier Services

  • Corporate Event Setup

  • Employee Benefit Packages

  • Banking

  • Post Office

  • Pharmacy

  • Grocery Shop/Stock

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Seas The Day Concierge offers 10% off your next service for every referral you make to us no matter how big or small. 


Gift Certificates



Amazing possibilities – Treat a loved one or that someone special with freedom from their mundane tasks. A gift of time allows one to focus on oneself, family and friends. The Seas The Day Concierge Gift Card is the perfect way to show you care.