Packages and Pricing

 "CONCIERGE" Services are not just for the wildly rich anymore.  

We offer various packages and membership plans to fit everyone.  After all we are here to make your life easier.

Our Hourly Plan gives you the flexibility of using services whenever you want without any commitments, while the membership plans offer you an exclusive membership with benefits. Each plan allows you to outsource your personal and business tasks, leaving you with time to enjoy life. We can also customize a monthly membership plan tailored to your specific budget, needs and requirements. There’s no contract to sign, you'll stay with us because you want to — not because you have to.


Seas The Day Concierge offers a FREE, friendly, no obligation consultation for you. Shoot us an Email  or Call 609.757.SEAS.

We Look Forward to casting your tasks away!!

Pay As You Go

Basic Rate of $45.00 an hour.

With a phone call, text or email we can easily set-up what you need. We will discuss all details including a rough estimate for service and items. This is a great fit for those who need one time services or don’t require more hours now.

  •  If any items being purchased are estimated at more than $25.00 we require the retail money upfront.

    • Please contact us to discuss transaction.

    • Payments can be made by credit card or arranged with the Owner only.  

  • We provide you with an invoice when service is complete.

  • Fee for service is expected due at time of completion.

I could use a few hours of free time. I want to purchase:

A few hours of time at the rate of $45.00 Hr. 

Buy A Block

Purchase a block of hours at a discounted rate.

This is the way to go if you have more on your list than there are hours in a day. Blocks of time is also suggested for larger projects or a special event.  


Additional hours can be added to your block any time. It also makes a great gift!

5 Hours for $215

10 Hours for $400

20 Hours for $720

  My time is valuable. I want to purchase:

  A  Block of Time

  I have someone in mind that could use a helping hand. I want to purchase:

  A Gift Certificate 



Exclusive Membership Plans

Why A Monthly Membership Plan?

Do you feel like you are sometimes stuck with an endless to-do list?

Imagine having a membership that comes along with your very own personal assistant. 

Find your life balance by letting our qualified team fill in where there is just too much going on. 

A lifestyle by design customized just for you.

Access, manage and book your services online with your Exclusive Member Log-In.

This elite service is the ultimate lifestyle choice. A customized plan that assures the help you need is always there. 

Exclusive Membership Benefits

  • First priority of time and day of service.

  • Promotional, and Holiday Services offered at a discounted rate

  • Additional hours annually at the year end of membership

  • No sign up fee.

  • No cancellation fees. (because we know that once you receive our services your going to wonder how you did it without our help)

Connect with Us below. 

We will be in touch to discuss ways we can create a lifestyle designed for you.

Payment Policy

Policy and Terms


Payment for personal assistant services is due in full upon completion of service. A detailed invoice based on the service estimate, contract and agreement will be provided.  Payment for third-party vendors is typically set-up in a pre-pay account based on estimates of expenses.

Risk Management

Seas The Day Concierge, LLC prides itself on doing business with the utmost integrity and confidentiality. We are fully licensed  and insured! All clients are provided with a service agreement that outlines, in detail, the terms of our agreement, limitations of liability and general provisions.

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